Miners - Exclusive
Who are miners, why are they needed, and how do they work

Who are miners?

Miners - The main feature of our project. At the moment, there are 3 types of miners (Miner1, Miner2, Miner3). The number of miners is strictly limited - 200 miners of 1 level, 100 miners of 2 level, 50 miner of 3 level. Our miners were created as separate tokens and they will not be supported by liquidity.

Why do we need miners?

Miners will allow their holders to receive Ruby Tokens many times faster. The speed of Ruby Tokens mining depends on the level of the miner you purchased. The major part of revenue will be used to support the liquidity of the Ruby Token.

Types of miners

Miner 1

Miner 1 logo

Miner 2

Miner 2 logo

Miner 3

Miner 3 logo

How to buy Miners?

Step 2 - Press "Connect Wallet" and Select your wallet
Step 3 - Choose a Miner and Press "BUY"
Step 4 - Select the number of Miners you want to purchase and confrim
Step 5 - Confirm the transaction in your wallet
Congratulations! You have got a miner that will help you mine Ruby tokens faster!
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