GemsMiner - Yield farming, staking with unique innovative features on Binance Smart Chain


About GemsMiner

Guys, we are proud to present the freshest BSC project available to the public. GemsMiner is coming to the blockchain community with lots of unique and creative features and an exclusive innovation in Yield Farming - Miners. ‌

Features & innovations

Miners (Exclusive) & liquidity

After the launch of the project, the purchase of Miners will be available (You can read a detailed description of the miners here) 70% of the revenue from the sales of miners will be added to the liquidity of the main token (Ruby) 5% of the revenue from the sales of miners will be distributed to devs team 25% of the revenue from the sales of miners will be allocated for the creation and development of a new token, as well as for audits and listings of the project

Burning Mechanism & Deposit Fee Redistribution

  • There is no transfer tax
  • There is no deposit fee (for Ruby-BNB, Ruby-BUSD, Ruby)
  • There is 4% deposit fee for other LP (Ruby-USDT, Ruby-DAI)
  • 50% of deposit fee in Ruby will be burnt
  • other 50% will be added to liquidity

No Migrator Code

The migrator code in the MasterChef contract has been removed. (Read more here)


Timelock will be added at launch. (Read more here)
Always do your own research
Only invest what you can afford to lose
NEVER share your wallet password or seed phrases with anyone
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